Date: July 28-August 07, 2024

Place: London

Program Introduction

London International Financial Program

As the world's financial centre, London is at the heart of global financial transactions. Studying finance in this city means being at the intersection of financial innovation and multiculturalism. ASDAN CHINA introduces the LIFP, incorporating the LIBF Level 4 Financial Certification course and the AmplifyME Simulation Program. The program focuses on international finance and financial analysis. Renowned international investment banking executives and seasoned financial mentors, including those from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, are invited to teach. The program includes in-depth visits to world-class financial institutions such as the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange, providing a first-hand experience of international investment. At the end of the project, students will also take part in a financial simulation challenge co-hosted by Morgan Stanley, giving them real hands-on experience of international investment banking. In addition, students will visit world-renowned schools such as the University of Cambridge and LSE. And students will receive authoritative certificates from four major heavyweight institutions.


UCL 沉浸式授课学习

全程授课在伦敦大学学院UCL 进行






伦敦金融研究院 LIBF Level 4 认证证书
项目参与证书+UCAS 官方推荐的
阿思丹 (ASDANChina)







剑桥、LSE 院校深度参访, UCL学习体验,领略世界名校魅力



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Institution Partners & Teachers

Institution Partners

The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) was established in 1879 on the initiative of the British Bankers' Association and is officially authorized by the Royal Charter. It is dedicated to providing professional and practical financial courses, competence certification, and financial competition activities, aiming to develop, test, and certify outstanding modern financial talents for the global financial industry.
The Financial Competence Certification offered by LIBF, known as the "CFA for high school students," is a rare professional financial qualification certification that serves as a significant professional credential for university admission in business, especially in Finance-related disciplines. At the end of this program, students will be eligible for the LIBF Level Four Certificate, with academic recognition comparable to the certification of undergraduate finance courses in the LIBF system.


Emre has designed and delivered training for employees of top financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Castle Investment, and Bank of America, also has taught at the London School of Economics, the University of St Andrews, and University College London, guiding students toward internships and entry-level positions at Morgan Stanley, UBS, and J.P. Morgan.


With 11 years of experience in international financial market trading and training, Xiaoyu has also designed and taught courses for leading institutions and universities and has received invitations from Swiss Bank, Morgan Stanley, Guotai Junan Securities, Tsinghua University, the University of Hong Kong, and IC.


Graduated from the Bocconi School of Management with a Master's in Finance and Quantitative Analysis and worked as a global investment research analyst at Goldman Sachs. With her financial background, Silvia provides students with academic guidance and practical experience.


Andrews brings over 15 years of extensive experience, having worked as a human resources executive at Citigroup and as a recruitment manager at Morgan Stanley. He is well-acquainted with the talent needs and trends in the financial industry and offers insights into career planning and job selection.




Reference Certificate

ASDAN UK Certificate accredited by UCAS

LIBF Level 4 Certificate

Attendance Certificate

Morgan Stanley Financial Challenge Certificate

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Why Us

Value of UK Overseas Study

The ASDAN Career Exploration Award certificate is officially recommended by UCAS and is included in the official UCAS University Application Document (PS). Students can earn a number of ASDAN China quality certificates and credits through the Major Achiever Program, and the practice experience can be used in future study application documents, which will directly contribute to future overseas study applications.

Value of USA Overseas Study

The Major Achiever Programs are academically designed in conjunction with the "Turning the Tide" admissions initiative released by the Harvard College of Education Make Caring Common (MCC) and the Top 300 universities in the US. We will focus on the development and evaluation of students' inner character, such as empathy, perseverance, self-management and other core inner characteristics that are valued by top colleges and universities.

Popular Majors Covering

The Major Achiever Programs are based on application data and employment data of popular majors from popular universities, covering four categories: business; finance, science; technology, psychology;medicine, and humanity social sciences.

Professional Experience in Real Workplace

The program incorporates educational resources selected from top 50 universities around the world to produce courses and practical activities, and provides 100% realistic career practice scenarios in the form of front-line apprenticeships and practical training simulations. Each student spends more than 60% of their time in the program improving their professional knowledge through hands-on practice.

First-class Courses and Instructors

Under the guidance of top enterprise mentors in various industries, students will understandthe current situation of real industry development and employment in popular positions, andimprove professionalism and knowledge reserve.

Authoritative Interest Assessment

The authoritative VN Career Planning System is introduced, with exclusive career workshops designed to assist students in exploring their self-interests, abilities, and values and engaging in self-discovery, uncover personal strengths, and focus on future development directions.