Location: Shanghai | Language: Chinese | Date: 21st, Jul - 27th, Jul 2024 | Grade 9-12

Program Introduction

Capgemini Strategic Consulting and Business Analysis

Capgemini is one of Europe's leading and globally renowned consulting companies specializing in management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. 64% of Fortune Global 500 companies are Capgemini's clients. ASDAN China, in collaboration with Capgemini, has specially launched the Capgemini Strategic Consulting and Business Analysis Training Program, offering high school students a rare opportunity for theoretical learning and real-world practice at top-class enterprises. The program will be taught by Capgemini's senior expert team, guiding students to master practical business analysis skills. Additionally, students can interact with first-line industry teachers at well-known Fortune 500 companies, experiencing the tide of digitalization and exploring future development opportunities.


Top-Class Consulting Management Group

Practical learning in Capgemini, Europe's largest and globally renowned management consulting company

Core Business Competencies

Master practical business analysis skills through industry-leading observations, market trend interpretations, and business strategy formulation

First-Line Industry Visits

Firsthand technical exchanges with leading enterprises

Dual Authoritative Certificates

Program Certificate issued by Capgemini and ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Certificate accredited by UCAS

Practical Training

Business Analysis

Introduce business analysis methods such as PEST analysis, company operation analysis, and 4P marketing theory.

Business Canvas

Analyze and address business problems by studying and applying the business canvas model.

Competitor Research

Conduct practical research on industry trends and current operational conditions related to target enterprises.

First-Line Industry Visits

Visit leading companies in the industry and discuss with frontline industry professionals.

Sample Schedule

Institution Partners & Teachers

| Institution Partners

Capgemini is the leading IT consulting company in Europe and ranks among the top three globally. It is also a leading provider of consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services worldwide, with over 230,000 employees in more than 40 countries and a revenue of 22.5 billion euros in 2023. Capgemini China has branch offices in Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Kunshan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Hong Kong, and Taipei, helping clients create and deliver optimized solutions tailored to their business needs. Capgemini's leading businesses in China focus on the automotive, energy and power, fast-moving consumer goods, and internet industries, providing solutions and services tailored to clients' needs in these sectors.


With over 8 years of experience in strategic consulting in the digital marketing and automotive after-sales sectors at renowned firms such as PWC and Capgemini, she has made significant achievements in team leadership and mentoring junior talents.


As a representative of outstanding employees in Capgemini's Dragon Plan, she is the only certified employee in Capgemini China for the Technovision methodology, and has years of experience in researching the value of technological innovation in the business domain.


As a globally top 30 QS-ranked university graduate, she serves as the Regional Head of Capgemini's Young Talent Program.




ASDAN UK Certificate accredited by UCAS

Program Certificate

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Why Us

Value of UK Overseas Study

The ASDAN Career Exploration Award certificate is officially recommended by UCAS and is included in the official UCAS University Application Document (PS). Students can earn a number of ASDAN China quality certificates and credits through the Major Achiever Program, and the practice experience can be used in future study application documents, which will directly contribute to future overseas study applications.

Value of USA Overseas Study

The Major Achiever Programs are academically designed in conjunction with the "Turning the Tide" admissions initiative released by the Harvard College of Education Make Caring Common (MCC) and the Top 300 universities in the US. We will focus on the development and evaluation of students' inner character, such as empathy, perseverance, self-management and other core inner characteristics that are valued by top colleges and universities.

Popular Majors Covering

The Major Achiever Programs are based on application data and employment data of popular majors from popular universities, covering four categories: business; finance, science; technology, psychology; medicine, and humanity social sciences.

Professional Experience in Real Workplace

The program incorporates educational resources selected from top 50 universities around the world to produce courses and practical activities, and provides 100% realistic career practice scenarios in the form of front-line apprenticeships and practical training simulations. Each student spends more than 60% of their time in the program improving their professional knowledge through hands-on practice.

First-class Courses and Instructors

Under the guidance of top enterprise mentors in various industries, students will understandthe current situation of real industry development and employment in popular positions, andimprove professionalism and knowledge reserve.

Authoritative Interest Assessment

The authoritative VN Career Planning System is introduced, with exclusive career workshops designed to assist students in exploring their self-interests, abilities, and values and engaging in self-discovery, uncover personal strengths, and focus on future development directions.