• Place:Shanghai | Language:Chinese | Date:18th, Jul to 24th, Jul, 2024 | Grade 9-12

Program Introduction

Fashion Design and Fashion Aesthetics Training

For high-end fashion and luxury brands, the Creative Director is the core pillar that upholds the brand. Their role has evolved from solely focusing on product design in the past to encompassing the overall brand image shaping. ASDAN China, in collaboration with the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) member SIFEC, exclusively introduces customized fashion design and jewelry design programs for high school students. Students will create their own brands, determine the direction of clothing and jewelry accessory design for their brands, and undertake the design process from moodboard creation, graphic design, three-dimensional tailoring to clothing presentation. The project offers an exceptional 1:5 mentor-student ratio, and an immersive experience in design and tailoring, providing space for innovative expression and originality.


IFFTI Members Institutions

London College of Fashion, Milan Fashion Institute, Paris Fashion Design Institute

Immersive Experience at Marangoni Academy

Study at the China Campus of Marangoni Academy

Comprehensive Courses with Full Process

In-Depth understanding of the fundamental principles of fashion design, techniques in jewelry and accessory design, pattern making, and clothing cutting

Dual Authoritative Certificates

Program Certificate issued by SIFEC and ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Certificate accredited by UCAS

Practical Training

Visual Inspiration

Understand the key points of visual design concepts and complete the design of a mood board.

Jewelry Design

Design and make jewelry models through simulated material design to inspire creative ideas for group jewelry and accessories.

Pattern Cutting

Complete the entire clothing design process, pattern cutting, sewing, and embroidery from scratch.

Runway Show Presentation

Launch a fashion design brand, showcase brand design elements, and interpret design works.

Sample Schedule

Institution Partners & Teachers

| Institution Partners

SIFEC, the Shanghai International Fashion Education Center, is a professional fashion education institution with a history of over 60 years. It is a member of IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes) and has established extensive cooperation with more than ten renowned design schools worldwide. Additionally, SIFEC holds several prestigious positions:
- Vice President Unit of the Shanghai Textile Association
- Director Unit of the Shanghai Garment Trade Association
- Vice President Unit of the Shanghai Knitted Garment and Apparel Industry Association
- Organizing Unit for the Fashion Production Technology Competition in the Shanghai Division of the World Skills Competition
- Training base for the Fashion Technology Project of the WorldSkills Competition in Shanghai
- Sole accreditation institution for clothing pattern makers in Shanghai
- Established a joint school area with the Istituto Marangoni to cultivate international talents in fashion design and marketing

Zhou Jing - Vice Dean, Lecturer/Senior Technician at SIFEC

  • National Vocational Qualification Senior Evaluator for Clothing Pattern Maker.
  • Member of the Shanghai Technician Association's Clothing Professional Committee.
  • With over 20 years of experience in clothing, Zhou Jing has served as a lecturer at universities such as Donghua University and as a technical engineer at multiple clothing enterprises. She primarily focuses on teaching and researching clothing structure design, three-dimensional clothing cutting, and digital modeling for clothing.

Yu Qianwen - Fashion Design Teacher

    Industrial artist with a Master of Art and Design from Donghua University and a Master of Fashion Design from Istituto Europeo di Design. With 10 years of experience in fashion design and product development for fast fashion and knitwear brands both domestically and internationally, Yu Qianwen has been teaching fashion design courses at East China Normal University, Shanghai Sanda University, SIFEC Fashion Institute, and Istituto Marangoni for the past two years. Her teaching fosters divergent design thinking, integrates woven or knitted fabric structures with clothing design styles, and enhances students' ability to express design works through knitting and weaving.

Zhou Zilin - Fashion Design Theory Teacher

  • Master of Arts and Crafts, Senior Advertising Designer, Fashion History.
  • With a rich teaching experience in art aesthetics theory and clothing aesthetics, Zhou Zilin has been teaching systematic courses on fashion design aesthetics at Shanghai Sanda University, Shanghai Open University, and the Istituto Marangoni in recent years. She combines the development history of clothing with clothing design to show the historical evolution trajectory from Western clothing art to China's diverse and splendid artistic culture, interpreting the main clothing styles, typical costumes, and prominent phenomena of the clothing industry in different countries and historical periods. Through history, she aims to help students understand the beauty of clothing culture in Chinese and world history, outline the development of clothing history, provide rich theoretical knowledge and inspiration sources for students in clothing design practice, promote traditional Chinese costume culture, and help students build cultural confidence.

Duan Ling - Specially-Invited Lecturer of SIFEC

  • Ph.D., Senior Engineer.
  • Graduated from Donghua University with a major in Textile Materials and Textile Design, with nearly 20 years of industry experience, Duan Ling has served as the Fabric R&D Manager at a well-known textile enterprise. Currently, she is the Director of Business Development, Research Department, and Fiber Laboratory at the Shanghai Textile Museum, a member of the China Textile Engineering Society, a member of the Shanghai Textile Engineering Society, a specially-invited teacher at Jiaxing College, and a tutor for the China Science Popularization Research Union. Her main research areas include textile material structure and properties, fabric analysis design and reconstruction, textile testing and characterization, textile relics protection and restoration, and analysis of ancient textile patterns. She has authored several series of books, including "Fiber Cognition," "Fabric Identification," "Physicochemical Testing," and "Fabric Care," and has published numerous works in well-known journals both domestically and internationally, including SCI, EI, ISTP, and Chinese core journals.


Teamwork to launch individual fashion design brands, showcase brand design elements, interpret design works, and conduct a clothing runway show.


Reference Certificate

ASDAN UK Certificate accredited by UCAS

Program Certificate

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Why Us

Value of UK Overseas Study

The ASDAN Career Exploration Award certificate is officially recommended by UCAS and is included in the official UCAS University Application Document (PS). Students can earn a number of ASDAN China quality certificates and credits through the Major Achiever Program, and the practice experience can be used in future study application documents, which will directly contribute to future overseas study applications.

Value of USA Overseas Study

The Major Achiever Programs are academically designed in conjunction with the "Turning the Tide" admissions initiative released by the Harvard College of Education Make Caring Common (MCC) and the Top 300 universities in the US. We will focus on the development and evaluation of students' inner character, such as empathy, perseverance, self-management and other core inner characteristics that are valued by top colleges and universities.

Popular Majors Covering

The Major Achiever Programs are based on application data and employment data of popular majors from popular universities, covering four categories: business; finance, science; technology, psychology; medicine, and humanity social sciences.

Professional Experience in Real Workplace

The program incorporates educational resources selected from top 50 universities around the world to produce courses and practical activities, and provides 100% realistic career practice scenarios in the form of front-line apprenticeships and practical training simulations. Each student spends more than 60% of their time in the program improving their professional knowledge through hands-on practice.

First-class Courses and Instructors

Under the guidance of top enterprise mentors in various industries, students will understandthe current situation of real industry development and employment in popular positions, andimprove professionalism and knowledge reserve.

Authoritative Interest Assessment

The authoritative VN Career Planning System is introduced, with exclusive career workshops designed to assist students in exploring their self-interests, abilities, and values and engaging in self-discovery, uncover personal strengths, and focus on future development directions.