• Place:Shanghai | Language:Chinese | Date:24th, Jun to 30th, Jun, 2024 | Grade 9-12
• Place:Shanghai | Language:Chinese | Date:1st, Aug to 7th, Aug, 2024 | Grade 9-12

Program Introduction

DJI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

In recent years, the UAV industry has developed rapidly. UAV is mainly used in aerial surveying and mapping, patrol inspection, national defense security, agriculture, film and television shooting. ASDAN China and the Shanghai campus of UTC, the official UAV application technology training center of DJI, launch DJI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program. It gives students an opportunity to immerse themselves in UAV knowledge and cutting-edge applications in the exclusive UAV base and airspace, and conduct hands-on UAV engineering design, production, assembly, autonomous flight, obstacle racing, programming practice, etc.


Pride of Chinese Technology

Learn about China's world-leading drone technology and participate in official UAV application technology training at DJI's Unmanned Aircraft System Training Center (UTC)

Interdisciplinary Challenges

Knowledge of mechanics, electronics, information technology, and computer science

Hands-on Practice

A range of practical activities, including engineering design, production, assembly, autonomous flight, obstacle racing, and programming operations

Dual Authoritative Certificates

Program Certificate issued by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training Center, UTC in Shanghai, and ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Certificate accredited by UCAS

Practical Training

UAV Assembly

Master advanced UAV control and assemble multi-rotor UAV.

Drone Programming

Engage in UAV programming exercises to enable the UAV for autonomous flight.

Principle Analysis

Learn the principles of drone flight, dynamics, electronics, and other related knowledge.

Boeing Flight Deck

Experience the simulated flight deck of a large Boeing 737-800 and learn flight instruments and flight controls.

Sample Schedule

Institution Partners & Teachers

| Institution Partners

DJI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Training Center
As the first in China to focus on drone application skills, the UTC training system has provided training for large enterprises and institutions such as Xinhua News Agency, China National Radio, and State Grid in recent years. The Shanghai branch of UTC, Shanghai Xuanfeng Aviation, boasts a strong team of instructors who have provided aerial photography services to many units and programs, including China Central Television, SMG Documentary Channel, The Pillars of a Great Power", and "Crossing Shanghai". The Shanghai branch base has an exclusive drone training ground of 56,000 square meters and an unmanned aerial vehicle flight isolation airspace with a height of 100 meters and a radius of 1000 meters.


  • Director of Shanghai General Aviation Association; Director of Shanghai Vehicle Aerial Model Association; AOPA Training Instructor; UTC Aerial Photography Training Instructor; ASFC Instructor; Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) UAV Instructor; UTC National Star Instructor; Instructor of Security and Police Use at China People's Public Security University.
  • With over 16 years of rich industry experience,he is proficient in aerial photography with various types of multi-rotor UAVs and have created related teaching materials for UAV photography. He led aerial photography teams to participate in the production of numerous films, documentaries, and variety shows for institutions such as China Central Television, National Geographic, SMG Radio and Television Group, Jiangsu Television, Oriental Television, Guangdong Television, Zhejiang Television, Shanghai Film Studio, and Yindu Film and Television, providing aerial photography works for over 400 films and advertisements.


Learn UAV principles, design innovative aircraft, assemble engineering-grade drones, and ultimately complete engineering-grade UAVs for precision flying around obstacles and engineering innovation challenges.


Reference Certificate

ASDAN UK Certificate accredited by UCAS

Program Certificate

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Why Us

Value of UK Overseas Study

The ASDAN Career Exploration Award certificate is officially recommended by UCAS and is included in the official UCAS University Application Document (PS). Students can earn a number of ASDAN China quality certificates and credits through the Major Achiever Program, and the practice experience can be used in future study application documents, which will directly contribute to future overseas study applications.

Value of USA Overseas Study

The Major Achiever Programs are academically designed in conjunction with the "Turning the Tide" admissions initiative released by the Harvard College of Education Make Caring Common (MCC) and the Top 300 universities in the US. We will focus on the development and evaluation of students' inner character, such as empathy, perseverance, self-management and other core inner characteristics that are valued by top colleges and universities.

Popular Majors Covering

The Major Achiever Programs are based on application data and employment data of popular majors from popular universities, covering four categories: business; finance, science; technology, psychology; medicine, and humanity social sciences.

Professional Experience in Real Workplace

The program incorporates educational resources selected from top 50 universities around the world to produce courses and practical activities, and provides 100% realistic career practice scenarios in the form of front-line apprenticeships and practical training simulations. Each student spends more than 60% of their time in the program improving their professional knowledge through hands-on practice.

First-class Courses and Instructors

Under the guidance of top enterprise mentors in various industries, students will understandthe current situation of real industry development and employment in popular positions, andimprove professionalism and knowledge reserve.

Authoritative Interest Assessment

The authoritative VN Career Planning System is introduced, with exclusive career workshops designed to assist students in exploring their self-interests, abilities, and values and engaging in self-discovery, uncover personal strengths, and focus on future development directions.